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Vacuum-cleaner-Shark1Vacuum cleaners have become an essential tool in the house cleaning department. Nowadays it is hard to imagine a home without a vacuum or carpet cleaner. Although vacuum cleaners have been around for decades but the machines that we see today are a lot different than what they first set out to be and that has only been possible due to new and improved technology and innovations that are coming to vacuum technology. Vacuum cleaner industry has blown out in recent years with manufacturers coming up with their products from all around the world but one company has really stood up and challenged other companies with an amazing new product. Shark is one of the many companies owned by Euro-Pro Operating LLC and it is focused towards the development and manufacturing of quality household appliances. The product that we are talking about is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (model NV356E) which is a brand new state of the art vacuum cleaner but there is a whole lot more to it as we will find out.

Right Technology with Affordable Price for such Vacuum Cleaner

Generally vacuum cleaners are thought of as a big bulky noise machine which is highly priced but, this product is the exact opposite of what the misconception is. The first thing any potential buyer would notice is the price of the product. Most vacuum cleaners are a heft investment with price shooting upwards several hundred dollars but for the right cleaner, these prices are justifiable. Likewise, the Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) is available for just 177 dollars which is one of the most attractive prices for a high quality vacuum cleaner. Straight away Shark has managed to steal the show by offering the lowest price for one the best vacuum cleaner available in the market right now but that is not all as Shark has included free shipping along with the purchase of this product.
The delivery of this product just takes a couple days and it is delivered right to your door step. The product comes in neatly packed compact box which is also light in weight. Upon opening the boxing you will find several items other that the vacuum cleaner which are included. You will find an 8″ Crevice Tool, 24″ Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Pet Hair Power Brush Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment, and 2 Microfiber Pads. The vacuum cleaner itself looks very pleasing to the eye with every glance giving satisfaction to the customer on his purchase but this cleaner doesn’t only comes with good and stylish looks as it is fully loaded with next generation technology which only Shark has managed to successfully apply to the current generation of vacuum cleaners.


Plenty of Features and Very Easy to Use

Vacuum-cleaner-Shark3Setting up the vacuum cleaner has become a very easy task with the Shark’s new vacuum cleaner. With the help of easy to follow instructions and a user-friendly build, anyone get around this vacuum cleaner and get it ready for cleaning in a jiffy. A really useful add-on that Shark has managed in this cleaner is that they have provided an impressive thirty feet of cord which is extremely helpful and saves user a lot time. Although this might seem like a little change but this has a massive impact on the usage of a vacuum cleaner as this allows the user to go longer distances without needing to unplug the cord to find other power outlets. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner is also very light in weight, so much that it only weights around 14 lbs, that’s an insane amount of weight reduction and it has only been possible due to Shark’s use of advanced plastics and metals in the construction of this product. This usage of superior materials has allowed Shark to make one of the lightest yet powerful vacuum cleaner. Another awesome and very practical feature of this vacuum cleaner is that it boasts a striking 9.5” of cleaning path which allows the user to clean more surface area in one go than most other vacuum cleaners.

…An incredibly featured vacuum cleaner

Moving ahead to the salient features of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E), this vacuum cleaner includes many new technologies and innovations that only Shark has managed to bring out. Among these new features is the use of advanced cyclonic technology which basically separates fine dust particles from the air that are sucked in the vacuum. This may sound simple but it has far reaching effects. The main benefit that the user earns from this new advanced cyclonic technology is that the vacuum cleaner does not lose suction power over time and it remains constant throughout the cleaning session as the dust now no longer clogs the filter. In terms of health and safety, this vacuum cleaner contains Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology combined with state of the art HEPA filtration system which captures and restricts 99.9% of the dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner rather than letting them escape as in the case of other vacuum cleaners that were tested. So not only you are safe from any kind of allergy but you also breathe fresh dust free air thanks to the new technologies introduced by Shark.

Vacuum-cleaner-Shark2Furthermore, this super-silent vacuum cleaner from Shark is fitted with advance microfiber pads which pick up even the tiniest of particles from any surface. Other premium tools which are included in this cleaner are hard-floor attachments and soft floor attachments. Hard-floor attachments allow the user to operate this vacuum cleaner on other hard surfaces such as wood and marble. Pet attachments allow the user to effortlessly pick up pet hair and other small particles which get stuck inside the carpet fur. Apart from this, Shark has included a new steering technology which is called swivel steering which makes the cleaner a lot easier to move around and get into hard to reach and low places.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning and maintenance has never been much easier with the Shark’s new vacuum cleaner. The dust holding canister is externally attached to the cleaner and easily pops out when cleaning is required. Sponges and felts are also washable and do not deteriorate over time but they must be dried before putting them back into the cleaner for use. Compact size and light weight means that this vacuum cleaner takes very little space so storage is not a problem.
Vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes but never before we have seen such a complete and remarkable product. Shark has really raised the bar of vacuum cleaners with the release of the Shark Navigator. With its use of superior technology and yet simplicity in its design, means that the Shark Navigator has truly redefined the vacuum cleaner industry.

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