Market top chef knife: Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

electric knifeCruisinart has always been a top producer of items that are essential for your daily life. It understands that family meetings are very special events where everyone is just looking to have a good time and enjoy a good meal. Events like Thanksgiving with those huge turkeys can be a bit of pain when it comes to slicing that beast down for the guests unless you’re an experienced veteran. Everyone loves to have smooth pieces of meat so uneven cutting never helps that. Cruisinart doesn’t want that. Cruisinart wants people to enjoy the time they have together and not be involved in these little pesky problems. Hence they’ve made a product just to get you through those times and keep those moments special. In this article, we will review one of the best electric knife in the market created by Cuisinart.

Electric Knife: one of the newest invention

Here is where Cruisinart brings in its newest invention, the Cruisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife. With this powerful tool, you’ll be cutting and chopping through like never before. Did I mention that it comes with two full size blades; one to cut through bread like it’s nothing and the second one to help you carve out without breaking a sweat? Yes the stainless blades are made to stay sharp over the long run and are specifically designed to help you cut any kind of food put in front of it. It’s perfect to be used in your kitchens or even in professional restaurants, making quick work of meat, loaves and vegetables. The carving blade is very versatile in its use. Slicing through meats like chicken, salami, turkey, roasts and ham has never been easier. Fruits like pineapple and melons, vegetables like eggplant, zucchini and squash and even hard cheeses are no match for the carving blade. The bread blade is no small fry either; breeze through loaves for smooth and even slicing. Bagels and sandwich rolls can all be chopped down in no time at all. However this blade is strictly designed to cut breads only. The knife comes with a one touch pressure activated on and off button making it easy to use by its simple design. The machine itself is designed to suit both left handed and right handed people alike! It’s your perfect kitchen buddy!

best electric knifeAnother important feature of Cruisinart Electric Knife is its specialized handle. The handle is always a major concern when it comes to using a knife. You need a strong yet soft grip to give a proper feel to it; that feel of fine cutlery. The ergonomic style ensures that you have extra control when you cut. No need to be embarrassed in front of guests anymore with your knifing skills when you have a buddy to help you out!

Very easy-to-use chef’s knife

Blades are also easy to equip and remove by the blade release buttons on the knife. Be careful, however that you should always unplug the knife beforehand to prevent any accidents. Lock the safety button afterwards and then squeeze the blade release buttons on either side of the handle and carefully handle the blades, pulling them away with the cutting edge facing away from you. To wash the blades, rinse them in hot soapy water or just in a dishwasher and leave them to dry. Handle can be cleaned with just a slightly damp cloth. Simple and easy. All these can be put back in the solid wood butcher’s block the knife comes with if you don’t wish to use the knife. Yes, the board made from premium quality hardwood along with a base that not only looks great on a kitchen top but takes up minimal counter space and has a blade lock that keeps the blades in place when not in use. The 4 foot cord that the knife has, can also be tucked away conveniently behind the butcher block.

One of the most important things that this machine has its safety lock. Cruisinart understands the accidents can happen and they take this matter very seriously. When done with the knife, make sure you have the safety switch on. The safety lock ensures that the on and off button doesn’t work if made to come in contact with children. However it is advised to keep any sharp objects such as knives out of reach of children at all times anyways. Cruisinart, as a company aims to reach out the common man. Their motto is cut easier, cut faster and cut better. This shows a clear intent of what they believe in. Therefore they have kept this at a moderate price of just $50. But some companies are offering this at an amazing price of $45 because of so much competition with other firms. All of the features that it has, I believe it’s price is absolutely justified. If this is not something that makes you go for this machine than I don’t know what is. It’s sleek design and easy to use features and controls make it a must buy for your home!

top electric knife

Companies in most cases boast off their merchandise by highlighting the pros more than the cons. So, what should you do and who should you trust? The end-user themselves are the best unbiased review providers and they are your solution to getting the right advice. This knife received 4 out of 5 stars on many websites that comes from approximately a thousand reviews that are offering this knife for sale. So, this shows that this firm is not all about just selling out the products. They also give special attention to customer services which is a pivotal part of giving proper customer satisfaction as well as provide any replacements that you may need.


With great professional results, this is a must buy. Also keep in mind that Cruisinart is giving you a 3 year warranty with it. If anything, this shows a clear intent. The Cruisinart Electric Knife CEK-40 by far the best product of its kind out there. It is competing with the best of the best electric knives on the market. With its fascinating features and reasonable price it is a must buy.

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