Pressing Machine Review: Shark GI568 Ultimate Professional Iron

Clean easier, clean faster and clean better with affordable price

Shark has been known to produce revolutionary home appliances. From laundry related products to cleaning machines like vacuums, this firm has definitely made its mark in the market. The Shark G1568 Ultimate Professional Iron is a land mark in comparison to the other pressing machines available.

As always the price of a product is the main concern of an average household. Shark, as a company aims to reach out the common man. Their motto is clean easier, clean faster and clean better. This shoes a clear intent of what they believe in. They have kept this pressing machine at a moderate price of just $59.9. Keeping in mind, the other competitors in the market some sites and stores have dropped it price down an astonishing $39.9. If this is not something that makes you go for this machine than I don’t know what is. With great professional results, this is a must buy.

An easy to handle Iron Pressing MachineIronMachine-Shark G1568

The handle is always a major concern when it comes to using an Iron. You need a strong yet soft grip to give a proper feel to it. The Shark G1568 Ultimate Professional Iron comes with a unique rubberized comfort grip handle which gives you extra control when pressing your cloths. Another interesting feature in this machine is its ability to provide consistent and fast steam. With rough clothes like jeans pants or leather jackets, it is essential to spray the right amount of water. The secret here lies in its steam powered dual chambers. Why are they so effective? Their powerful vertical and horizontal steam power is the reason for this. Since this Iron was designed to meet professional requirements. Therefore, it comes with variable steam and spray mist settings. Different types of clothes need only certain amounts of water droplets for effective outcomes after pressing. Linen or cotton usually requires very little amounts. So, this ability makes it viable for all kinds of clothing. The Shark G1568 Ultimate Professional Iron can also be used to press hanging garments because it the quality of providing vertical steam as well.

Traditional Irons would often over heat. Even though they had a temperature control knob, but it did not mean that if the temperature reached a certain level that it will stop heating. This next level technology comes equipped with a unique and efficient temperature control. This intelligent electronic control makes sure that we get a maximum steam performance at all the fabric settings. It also has another advanced technological feature of multi position shut off. This unique attribute shuts the iron off at any position.

High Quality steel

One the most important component of an iron is its steel base. This is something that all major labels focus on as it is responsible of the actual performance of a pressing machine. Shark has designed this machine with an extra-large stainless steel soleplate and this allows extra coverage for the same back and forth strokes. Its extended chrome skirt might not sound that effective, but practically speaking when you have hundreds of clothes to press, it does matter. With uniform heat distribution and retention for flawless performance, you will always get professional results.

Another common issue which Shark has addressed with this Iron is the overall water carriage capacity. It can get quite tiring to refill the water reservoir over and over again. So, to aid the end user the think tanks behind this technology have incorporated an extra-large water reservoir. Now, you don’t need to worry about using extra steam with your clothes thinking that the water will end.

When you buy a good quality product you can expect it to last for ages. The shark G1568Ultimate Professional Iron has an anti-calcium and self-cleaning feature. So, you don’t need to worry about dirt or carbon (from burning) sticking to the base as it is cleared off. Now, you can definitely buy this product thinking that it will give optimum performance throughout its life.

Technical Specifications of the Shark Iron Pressing Machine

The specifications of this iron are 120 volts, 60 Hertz and 1600 Watts. It has a polarized plug which means that one of the blades is wider than the other. This is a safety feature, and will ensure that the plug will only go in one way. If the plug does not go in, don’t push it inwards rather you must reverse the plug. Never attempt to defeat this precautionary feature.

Companies in most cases boast off their merchandise by highlighting the pros more than the cons. So, what should you do and who should you trust? The end-user themselves are the best unbiased review providers and they are your solution to getting the right advice. When you go through the reviews that this machine has been getting, you will not be surprised to hear that only 5 out of a hundred complaint about this machine. From those that did have issues with this iron used their warranty to get it fixed or changed. So, this shows that this firm is not all about just selling out the products. They also give special attention to customer services which is a pivotal part of giving proper customer satisfaction.

It is always recommended that you read the all the garment care labels before starting to iron your cloths. To give you extra control and monitoring of the temperature, you are given the ability to iron on a hem or an inside seam. A good idea is to press similar kinds of fabrics together and in the sequence of synthetic fibers. Following the order of acrylic, nylon, polyester and linen/cotton you will not have to adjust the temperature frequently.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely trust this machine, keeping in mind that Shark is giving you a 1 year warranty with it. If anything, this shows a clear intent. The Shark G1568 Ultimate Professional Iron is by far the best product of its kind out there. It is competing with the best of the best pressing machines. With its fascinating features and reasonable price it is a must buy.

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